Privilege card

What do you think about privileges? The possibilities may be the same for each player. Your pets have great potential, as do the owners of these little friends themselves. Each player can help his pet become better, stronger, faster. Wins will bring rewards that can be used to enhance the characteristics of pets.
What is a privilege card? This is a unique card with its own personal number, which belongs to the player. A card that helps you get rewards faster. It helps to get more rewards. All players who will own this card will have the opportunity to go one step further. Do you think these are all possibilities?
The owners of the privilege card will be waiting for bonuses from the team. Also in the future, these players will be able to get priority access to whitelists. Every day we select one holder of our NFT cards and send 0.1 SOL as an airdrop 🎉
All news and details can be found in official sources - on the website or on Twitter.
The collection of cards is sold through the launchpad. To buy, you can use the Magic Eden marketplace 👈