Rewards & tournament

The most important thing to know about awards and tournaments is that you can get everything by playing the game.
Players will have to help their pet get skills for the competition mode. After all, not only pets will receive rewards for their victories. You are his assistant and friend along the way.
What achievements do players get rewards for?
  • For raising a pet and teaching special skills
  • Level up your pet
  • The growth of sympathy between the player and the pet
  • Getting a rating in the leaderboard
  • The title of "best pet of the month"
  • and much more
Tournaments and leaderboard This mode will be aimed at competitions between players. In it, each player will show how he has trained his pet and what skills he possesses. Players will have to compete on a common field, where one of the players will win. After the defeat, the second player needs to understand what is missing for him and his pet to achieve the goal and overcome the tournament heights.
Special awards will be presented for the tournament, which players will be able to receive only for their achievements. These will be collectibles, things for a pet. The best awards will be the NFT. Players will be able to use them to level up their pet, and will also be able to sell these NFTs on the marketplace.