Land opportunities

What is the land for and how to use the card?

Dreamcity is a metaverse where every pet owner can freely spend time with their little friend. The city will have parks, cafes, factories and houses where your pets will live
The Dreamcity metaverse is one of the stages of our development, and now we want to give players the opportunity to get their own plot in the city
Why is land needed? There are 3 districts in the Dreamcity metaverse. Each of them is unique and has its own advantages. Land owners will be able to choose for themselves which path to choose and what to build on their site.
✅On the Round land, you can build residential buildings (up to 2 floors) and industrial buildings. In this area, houses are designed for one player and his pet. You can also choose the option of building a production building and create items for arranging other plots and houses. This will allow the factory owner to make a profit by selling items and resources 💰
✅In the Middle land, players will be able to build residential buildings (up to 6 floors) for several residents. Also, this area is great for the construction of entertainment centers, cafes, parks. When constructing residential buildings, players will be able to stay in them themselves or rent out premises for other players for a fee. Also, the player can choose the path of a businessman and build a shopping center and earn money by renting premises to develop the business of other players 💰
✅The central land of ​​the city, Genesis, is intended for commercial buildings (up to 50 floors). Big business, shopping centers, skyscrapers with beautiful apartments will be located here. Genesis land owners will be able to build a large shopping center or a skyscraper on their plot and earn money by renting premises or apartments. The best shops of Dreamcity will be concentrated in the central area 😎 One of the big benefits of owning a genesis plot is getting a % of all operations in the game 💰
How to build a building, fence or mall? 🧱 The city is divided into 7 sectors. Each sector has its own unique resource, which will be mined by players while staking the land itself. Players will receive items using the crafting system and some items may require all 7 resources from each sector to create.
👉The crafting system will be like a merge game where multiple items can be used to create another item. Thus, for the construction of a building and a fence, it is necessary to make a different number of crafts. The crafting table will be available after staking lands. The amount of resources that players will mine when staking will also be published later ⏳ Players will be able to sell all resources on our marketplace after its launch. Also, resources can be obtained in competitions with other players 👀
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