Super Pets is a virtual city where your pets can find interesting activities and new friends.
The city is divided into sections that are NFT and will be limited in number. The owners of the plots will be able to build a house for their pet. Over time, players in the city will extract resources with which they will be able to carry out any improvements on their sites.
In addition, landowners can find collectibles and NFTs on their land plots. Super Pets city will have a total of 10250 plots, which will be divided into districts:
  • The central part of the city of Genesis - 400 plots
  • The near-central part of the city - 2600 plots
  • Free territories of the city - 7250 plots

Rarity and sectors

Lands are rare and are divided into 7 sectors. Each type of land rarity has distinctive features. Sectors are the territory of the city where its own type of resources is extracted. If the resource is mined in sector 1, the same type of resource will not be mined in other sectors. In total, there will be 7 types of resources in the game. These are the basic resources from which players will have to create other items and goods. Players will need resources of each type to build all types of real estate. 🌃 Genesis Genesis consists of 400 lands. The main features of the land in genesis:
  • Big business is focussed on Genesis
  • Lands in Genesis passively generate more resources than lands of other rarity
  • Land owners in genesis will receive % of all operations within the game
  • After the introduction of the token into the game, the owners of the genesis-section will receive an airdrop from the team
  • Only commercial real estate can be built on the ground in genesis (except for factories and large industrial buildings)
  • One plot will contain 9 cells for construction (3x3)
🏡 Middle Town
An area close to genesis. It consists of 2,600 plots. Features of land in Middletown:
  • These plots are intended for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for the construction of apartment buildings, townhouses and cottages
  • The Middletown has a well-developed infrastructure, parks for walking with pets and places for entertainment
  • Land in Middletown generates less resources than genesis
  • You can't build factories in Middletown
  • One plot will contain 6 cells for construction (2x3)
These territories occupy 70% of the city of Dreamcity. Features of these lands:
  • Plots of this species are located around genesis and middletown
  • Round lands will generate less resources than genesis and middletown
  • The territories of the round are well suited for the construction of factories and small residential single-storey buildings
  • You can't build real estate for commercial use on the territory of the round (except for factories)
  • The plot on the territory of the round consists of 2 cells for construction (1x2)