The world of Play-2-Earn is huge and interesting. In today's market, there is a huge competition for the player's attention. However, most of the projects are nothing special. Many of them do not carry the idea and good intentions. Super Pets is a project in which it will be interesting for players to play.
After all, now, together with your pet, you can earn unique rewards that will help you climb the steps of the leadership table. Other players will be able to trade these items and become the best sellers in the Super Pets world.
There will be several types of rewards in the universe that players will be able to use both for promotion and victories, and for sale:
  • Education and care of a pet
  • Participation in mini-games and promotion on the leaderboard
  • Breeding of pets and subsequent sale on the marketplace
  • Rent pets
  • Rewards for winning Adventure PVP
  • Collecting resources from land and selling them on the market
  • Creation of objects and objects for the arrangement of the site and their sale on the market
  • Participation in the city tournament of super-pets
  • Lease of land plots for the construction of buildings for business
  • Getting and completing quests in the Genesis area