Cats (gender&breeding)

The first collection of pets and breeding.

The first collection will have 3333 cats. As in ordinary life, the collection is dominated by more female cats. Players will be able to breed pets and sell them to other players on the market, and can also start raising and raising a character on their own.
When breeding offspring, players receive a character in the “kitten" phase. Such a character cannot be propagated and must be raised and brought up to an adult.
On the day of the mint, each participant can randomly get 1 of 3 types of rarity:
🥇 Mystic
Each category of rarity has a set of unique characteristics. The rarity will depend on:
  • speed of training;
  • a standard set of skills;
  • obedience;
  • possible number of breeds;
  • one unique ability.
A feature of the rarity of the common is the complete absence of such characteristics as:
  • obedience
  • learning speed
  • basic skills
This means that your pet will develop at a standard rate. The character will begin to acquire skills with good player activity.
The characters of the rarity Origin and Mystic have a set of characteristics that makes them unique. They can learn faster, tend to obey faster, and the character's unique ability is enhanced.
The overall rarity rating of your pet will be determined not only by the basic characteristics, but also by his/her coat color, eye color, personality (dominant and recessive) and generation.

Gender and breeding

1️⃣ Mystic
It turned out that among all kinds of pets, there are pets from another planet. A distinctive feature is the unusual colour of the body and eyes.
We couldn't determine their gender. After observing this species, we realised that they were not able to have offspring. Their house was destroyed, so we decided to leave them in our city. And in order for them to have a place to live, we gave them land. Users who receive a mystical cat on mint day will also receive land.
Genetically strong individuals that differ from others by the absence of spots on the body. Thanks to this, they can cross 3 times and get at least 2 kittens in their offspring. There will be 313 such pets. 167 girls and 146 boys. You need a boy and a girl to get offspring. The kittens can't be crossed until they grow up 👀
The classic representative of this species. It has at least one spot on the body. There will be 3,000 such cats in the first collection. 1,500 boys and 1,500 girls. You can cross such cats twice. The offspring may have 1-3 kittens. Kittens also cannot be crossed until they grow up.
The breeding will be available on the website before the game is released.
Before the release of the game, the breeding will be free (at the price of the network fee). After the official release, the breeding will be transferred to the game, the cost will be adjusted.
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