Tamagochi mode

Have you ever played tamagotchi? You can study the behavior of your pet, watch him play with his toys, have breakfast and sleep. We would like to introduce new features to the players, with which everyone can get a new experience of the game.
What does it mean? Imagine if your pet could look at you with great joy when you want to give him a delicious lunch. Or he would be very unhappy when you don't pay attention to him. We want to provide opportunities in which every action of the player will affect the mood of his pet, his behavior and desires.
Do you have a pet in real life? They are so cheerful and happy when they see their owners. Have you ever noticed this? Pets can love and, depending on how you treat them, they will delight you and help you complete various tasks.
All the rewards you can get will depend on your relationship with your pet. Your pet will always be there.