Adventure PVP

What is it? Adventure mode? Or is it a competition mode between players? Let's figure it out.
Adventure mode. This is an exciting journey for every player and his pet. Any player can go on an adventure with his friend and start getting collectibles, nice bonuses and even NFT. An adventure is a sequential event in which, after performing actions, players receive a reward. We decided that every possible exit outside the room with a pet would be an adventure. This means that players will receive various bonuses and rewards for their actions.
PVP mode. This is a mode where players will compete with each other for the title of the best owner. Each player will train his pet in tamagotchi mode before entering the competition with other players. Increase their agility, strength and charm. Each characteristic can influence the result of the competition. We need to remember that every player will do this. So you can't do without logical actions. In PVP mode, players on the same playground will try to be the first. It will not be easy to get the winning awards, because the playground will have obstacles and bonuses. Players need to decide what they want to get - a bonus on the card or a victory, because each step can be decisive. In the competition for the title of the best owner and the best pet, it is necessary to act together. Level up with your pet and become the most amazing couple in Super Pets.
What will be in the game - Adventure or PVP? We decided to combine the competition and adventure mode. This means that every competition between players will be an amazing adventure for every player.