Airdrop & Bounty

The Super Pets project and the team will reward socially active users.

This can be helping other project participants, promoting the project and reposts on social networks, creating game-themed art, and much more.
Why is that? We believe that it is possible to create a strong community in the crypto industry, as well as to help those who help us do this. Every player, every pet owner, friend, can be one of the participants in this big idea. And our goal is to help all people who can't have a little friend. As gifts from the team, there can be both collectibles (NFT) and pets themselves.
The most active users who will manifest themselves in the community and in the game will be awarded with plots on which they will be able to build their home or create a business in the future. As the project develops, new unique items for players will appear. We would like to note that first of all, users who own the privilege card will be marked.
We will prepare special bonuses for them.
Last modified 8mo ago